It is always nice to know what other sisters are finding interesting, challenging, encouraging or just plain fun. Someday we hope to sit down in a cozy corner with each one of you and share these favorite things over a cup of hot tea, but until then… Each month we will ask Mended Collective members what they are reading, listening to, watching, experimenting with and whatever other randomness they want to recommend and we will share it here in Collective Corner.

From Morgan:

Shalom Sistas by Osheta Moore

Osheta Moore knows peacemaking. In addition to being the host of one of my very favorite podcasts, Shalom Sistas, Osheta is releasing this gorgeous book by the same name: Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly In A Brokenhearted World. In her book, Osheta writes about ordinary, everyday acts of peacemaking – the kind of shalom that each of us can practice and live out in our day to day lives. That’s precisely what makes this book so necessary and timely – the practicality of this peacemaking work that we are called to as Kingdom People.

“We were once separated from God, but because of Jesus, we are
invited to remain in a love that sustains us, a love that reflects the
kingdom of God, a love that empowers us to embody the kingdom
of God right here on earth.”

All Things Work Together 

There are not a lot of words that will do this album justice. Lecrae is, after all, one of the most talented and truthful Christian poets of our day. While he shed his “Christian Rapper” label some years ago,  In All Things Work Together, Lecrae is at his best – raw, real and unapologetic. It’s been fun to watch him bust out of the confines of Christian Culture and continue to make meaningful, powerful and important art that transcends broader culture.

My favorite songs on the album are Facts and I’ll Find You (w/ Tori Kelly). Give All Things Work Together a listen on Spotify and then, if you enjoy what you hear, buy the album to ensure our favorite artists are financially supported and can continue to make art that matters.


From Holly:

36 Questions: The Podcast Musical

Someday I would like to sell everything I own, pitch a tent in NYC, eat PB&J forever and just see show after show after show. Most people dream of a mountain home or beach house, I will just take a tiny apartment in NYC. Until that day comes, I am thankful for the creative ways in which artists are bringing their work to the masses. 36 Questions does just that. The first ever podcast musical is presented in three acts – three acts which I might have listened to all in one day, ignoring the need to shower for quite sometime because the music and the story line were so captivating. A story of love, loss and the hope of redemption, 36 Questions is funny and heart wrenching. For anyone who has ever been in love, for anyone who has ever found themselves in that place where you don’t know who you are anymore, for anyone who finds that sometimes music helps them put words to things they didn’t know they needed to feel- this podcast is for you.

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey

I read this book in the bathtub and wept. I read this book on the patio eating tacos, so excited I could jump out of my chair and shout at strangers. When you find something as rich as Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist you want to buy a million copies and hand them out everywhere you go.

Sarah speaks with the gentleness of a new mother, or “mum” as she would say. Her prophetic imagination lifts you up to dream yourself, but she does it in this way that says “Come as you are and I’ll sit with you as you dream. Don’t be like me or like her. Be you. See the image of God in yourself. Feel the Spirit of God rattling around in you.” Yes, this is a book about motherhood, marriage, and church leadership, but this book is much more. This is a book about the Kingdom of God come to earth, and the role that women have been invited to play in that magnificent story.

I believe in the message of this book so much that in a couple of weeks Mended is beginning an online book club to read through and discuss this resource together. Women and men of all ages and theologies are invited. You can find out all of the details here.

Have you recently read, watched or listened to something that you can’t stop recommending to others? Tell us about it in the comments! We would love to hear about the practices, artists and authors that are giving YOU life right now. 

Collective Corner: October 2017
Jesus Feminist Book Club
Morgan is a multi-passionate young professional and life-long learner whose heart beats to empower women and dismantle systems of injustice.
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