Welcome to the second week of Mended’s Advent series. Advent is simply the season of preparation and expectation leading up to Christmas day and the coming of Jesus. Throughout the next three weeks we will be sharing video reflections from some of the brilliant women in our community. This second week we are focusing on the word “love”.

If this is your first time joining the Mended community please know how incredibly welcome you are. You honor us with your presence, time and voice. We will be digging further in to the video reflections in our Facebook group which we would love for you to be a part of. Join us here!

Holy moly Brittany! How do I even get to know women like this!? Brittany’s passion for the good news of Jesus is evident pretty immediately. She somehow is “no nonsense” strong while still being the kind of person you want to call friend because of her kindness and humility. All that to say I am pretty thrilled to have her with us today.



Brittany is a native of Nashville, TN studying in Phoenix, AZ. She is a radical liberator, student, ally, and friend bought by the blood of both Jesus and her ancestors. You will often find her organizing (people + things), reading something good, or traveling. She also never turns down good food or thrift stores. Brittany believes that there is room for us all around the fire and she’s fighting until we get there. Find her on Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter and check out her home on the web at btpaschall.com.

Mended Advent: Big-Hearted Love
Mended Advent: Intentional Love
Holly is the founder & Executive Director of Mended Women. People are her passion. Rest for her is hot tea, good books, painted nails & delicious food shared with good people.
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  • Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

    The four roots of love. Brilliant!

    1. disrupts
    2. restores
    3. expands
    4. draws

    SO GOOD! Thank you so much for this.

  • Courtney

    Disrupt, restore, send and draw–AMEN AND I MEAN, YESSSS! Thank you sis for this!!! SO much love and light radiating from you through our Father and Mother in heaven. God bless you.

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